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barbara basting  zürich
No Overview Anymore - A Chance for Art. Barbara Basting's contribution to

Fucking Good Art #20. The Swiss Issue / a field study on Art and Art market.
"The Stargazer of Silicon Alley: New York Media and Net Art Archive Rhizome
Undertakes Pioneering Work"

florian cramer  berlin
Free Software as Collaborative Text

hans-christian dany  hamburg
We’ll Be Rich Tonight
Falling upwards
MiniMal Takes Care of Me
Don't go to the phone (Gerwald Rockenschaub)
Invasion of the Cricket Breeders
The eternal youth of an affronted master plan. "Situationist International" (Summer 98)
The illusion of identity
Fabrice Hybert - "Testoo (r) Muster" ("Testoo (r) Samples")
Patchwork of distances. ("The Museum of Far Away Places") Fall 97
Revisions of insanity. The Prinzhorn Collection, 5.97
OUR TV-STATION. (extract of UTV-concept, 1995)

christoph doswald  zürich / berlin
Stefan Banz - Real Reality
Stefan Banz - The Origin of the World

robert ireland  paris
modernité / monumentalité - sur un travail de Renate Buser

rayelle niemann  zürich
The Motion of the Movement: Artist-In-Residence
The Body as a Medium: Switzerland's Performance Network (pdf)
Le corps comme instrument: la performance et son réseau en Suisse (pdf / français)
Moulids in Egypt. A Traditional Phenomena of Ritual, Sociability and Censor
Introducing the Multimedia Art of Fatma Charfi
Africa at home - Cultural politics in wildwater
The Brooklyn Queens Trilogy by Erik Dettwiler

hans rudolf reust  bern
Many are Zilla

first manifesto
of highly regarded women artists

madeleine schuppli  thun
on the artistic work of L/B

giaco schiesser  zurich
Connectivity, Heterogeneity and Distortions – Productive Forces for our Times
The xxxxx connective force attack: open way to the public
project of Knowbotic Research +cf (KRcF)

felix stalder  vienna
Creators & Users  (some aspects of the file-sharing saga)
Art in Context, Part one: eToys.com vs. etoy.com
Art in Context, Part two: rTmark vs. WTO
From Figure / Ground to Actor-Networks: McLuhan and Latour
Baudrillard: Shooting in the sandbox
Digital Identities

gerda steiner / joerg lenzlinger  basel u. zürich
The Secrets of Ottilia Schnacks Microworld
Guiding Tour Melbourne, Telecom building, 1999

reinhard storz  basel
The phantom smile in the the Vue Des Alpes hotel
Thinking within the media
TV animal programs: Loinclothed Animals
Documentaires animaliers à la télévision: L'animal en cache-sexe
The art of the erratic: on the artistic work of Christoph Storz

friedrich tietjen  wien
the multiple as label
A Little Theory of the Bag
Radio re: ports
in dependence (about B92 - a hybrid radio station in Belgrade)

philip ursprung  zürich
on the artistic work of L/B

Brena Wallace  montreal
'Contents under Pressure' by Renate Buser

thomas wulffen  berlin
Interview with Stefan Banz
Banz - The Figuration of the Commonplace