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Curator-projects* and collective projects* on Xcult.org

* Since 1995 we have been regularly producing and curating group projects, in which artists, writers and theoreticians have worked together on a common theme on the Net. The Internet has provided the pre-requisite for this in terms of both method and form.
* In the collective projects [SHOP], [Texts, Scripts & Codes] and [TOUR 1+2], works are combined by reason of their formal and topical coherence.


Within the framework of the project Digital Abstraction, we inquire how artists working in digital media deal with abstract visual forms and how these relate to the history of abstract art over the past 100 years.

   Abstract images (in painting and sculpture and in film and dance) have occupied a prominent position in the art of the last hundred years. The Digital Abstractions project examines contemporary digital art works and brings them in an online catalog in association with earlier works in the history of abstract modern art.
   In the Digital Abstractions exhibition at the HeK (House of electronic Arts) we aim to retell the story of the development of abstract imagery in the digital era using examples from the works of contemporary artists. Regarding the exhibition as a whole, two topic areas can be distinguished to which many works may be assigned: the relationship between abstraction and the representation of space and the artistic approach to scientific abstraction. The exhibits include works based on algorithmic methods of image segmentation, immersive audiovisual installations and video journeys through abstract image spaces that are also inspired by computer games, 3D architectural models, or Google Street View.

Artists of the show: Zach Blas, Los Angeles; Cyriak, Brighton; Ted Davis, Basel; Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti, Lugano; Femke Herregraven, Amsterdam; Esther Hunziker, Basel; Lazar Jeremic, Basel; Rainer Kohlberger, Berlin; LAb[au], Bruxelles; Karin Lustenberger, Luzern/Berlin; Alexandra Navratil, Amsterdam; Pier Giorgio de Pinto, Lugano; Quayola, London; Sabrina Ratté, Montreal; Elisabeth Ritschard, Basel; Rafael Rozendaal, New York; Nicolas Sassoon, Vancouver; Zeitguised, Berlin
E-Book - text contributions and art inserts: Alexandra Adler, Basel; Paul Feigelfeld und Eva Wilson, Berlin; Eva Fischer, Wien; Sabine Himmelsbach, Basel; Esther Hunziker, Basel; Rainer Kohlberger, Berlin; Chus Martínez, Basel; Elisabeth Ritschard, Basel; Britta Schröder, Frankfurt/Main; Reinhard Storz, Basel.
Project editor: Reinhard Storz, Xcult.org; Conceptual co-operation: Elisabeth Ritschard; Curators of the exhibition: Alexandra Adler and Reinhard Storz.

Digital Abstraktions is a coproduction of Xcult.org, the Art Institute of the Academy of Art and Design in Basel FHNW and HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel).

beam me up 2008-2010*
Our understanding of space is changing for generations. In the digital age we use terms like Cyberspace, Globalization and World Wide Web, even though we have hardly understood the old electro-spaces like power supply systems, telephone and broadcasting. By means of audio-visual transportation we conquer new spaces, which present themselves as both picture space and space of action, place of signs and of real presences. With the online project beam me up we invite artists and authors from different countries to concern themselves with space concepts in the form of art contributions and essays. Interpretations of space concepts based on both pictures and texts, on artistic and philosophical models as well as on scientific experience emerge.
Up until the year 2010 we expect a vast number of contributions to our project. The variety of material will be organized subjectively in what we call Guided Tours by a number of curators. The audience too, will have the possibility to comment and to propose field research contributions of their own.

Contributions by Keiichiro Shibuya, Tokyo; Zhenhua Li, Beijing; Jieming Hu, Shanghai; Genxiong Tan, Shanghai; Zhang Lansheng, Shanghai; Nilanjana S Roy, Delhi; Anand Vivek Taneja, Delhi; Abhishek Hazra, Bangalore; Gitanjali Dang, Mumbai; Vishal Rawlley, Mumbai; Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Cologne; Johanna Dombois, Cologne; Christina Vagt, Berlin; Stefan Riekeles, Berlin; Stephan Günzel, Berlin; Richard Schindler, Freiburg/Germany; Sarah Cook, Newcastle upon Tyne; Alec Finlay, Byke/GB; Guillaume Belanger, Madrid; Carlo Zanni, Milano; Tania Ruiz Gutierrez, Paris; Knowbotic Research, Zürich; Regine Buschauer, Zürich; HOIO (Samuel Herzog), Zürich; Nils Röller, Zürich; Marc Lee, Zürich; Annette Schindler, Basel; Esther Hunziker, Basel; Reinhard Storz, Basel; Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg, Basel; Martin Brauen, New York; Joe Winter, New York; Jamie O'Shea, New York, Alan Sondheim, New York; Jayanne English, Winnipeg;
Direction, curatorial work and basic concept: Reinhard Storz, Xcult.org; Conceptual co-operation: Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg; Interface and database programming, technical support: Klaus Affolter, Basel

56kTV - bastard channel
2004 - 2006*
56kTV - bastard channel is a co-production of xcult.org and the Swiss Art Foundation Pro Helvetia, with participating artists and authors from Germany, France, India, Japan, Mexico, South Corea, Switzerland and USA. bastard channel is a cross between a television and a web project, a platform in the Internet that tells the story of itself as a television channel.
The project employs the techniques and forms of the WWW, but is oriented to suit the formats of TV-channels: news, quiz, documentary soaps, action movies etc. The project also takes on the form of daily and weekly programs from the real TV-channels. Individual contributions of our project will be available in the Web only at definite times. If one wants to see more, then one will have to consult the program schedule of our TV-program. Our project will suspend the unrestricted availability of the net and the quick consumability of its contents. A text feature from international authors will accompany the TV-project and the individual art-contributions in the form of an online program-magazine. The texts will serve the purpose of theoretical reflection and project dissemination.

contributions by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Seoul; Marc Lee, Zurich; Shu Lea Cheang, nomad artist; Exonemo, Tokyo; Birgit Kempker, Basel; Jimpunk, Paris; Nathalie Novarina / Marcel Croubalian, Geneva; Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg, Basel; Beat Brogle, Berlin / Philippe Zimmermann, Zurich; Fran Ilich, Mexico City; Jody Zellen, Los Angeles; Martin Dahlhauser / Dorothea Hein, Berlin; Estee Oarsed, Bangalore; graphics: Martin Woodtli, Zurich; project idea: Storz/Studer/van den Berg; curator: Reinhard Storz; production: Xcult.org and The Arts Council of Switzerland Pro Helvetia.
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T o u r 2 1998 - 2003*
Movies and interactive animations by Stefan Banz | relax | Daniela Keiser | dewil | Steiner / Lenzlinger | HOIO | Renate Buser | L/B | Thomas Feuerstein | Esther Hunziker | Dominik Stauch | Beat Brogle | Studer / van den Berg | Interface-Design: rest (using a Quicktime-Movie of Carlo Bernoulli)

Texts, Scripts & Codes   1996 - 2004 *
Text and language works of fine artists and authors.
Scripts, codes and sound plays. Recipes, poetry, found footage and the art of translation.
Contributions by Martin Grether, Esther Hunziker / F.X.Zbinden, Daniela Keiser, Birgit Kempker, Monica Studer / Christoph v d Berg, Hervé Graumann. Interface-Design: Klaus Affolter.

SHRINK TO FIT 2001/02*
In 2001/02 we realised the project 'shrink to fit' with participating artists from Germany, England, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. The subject for this project is the "Economy of Attention".

Artists (+Authors): Hervé Graumann, Geneva (Hans Christian Dany, Berlin), Thomas Feuerstein, Wien (Birgit Kempker, Basel), Vladimir Muzhesky, New York (Barbara Basting, Zürich), John Klima, New York (Blackhawk, New York), Claudia und Julia Müller, Basel (Yvonne Volkart, Zürich), Philippe Schwinger und Frédéric Moser, Geneva (Hans Rudolf Reust, Bern), Holger Friese, Berlin (Felix Stalder, Toronto), Domiziana Giordano, Rom / Reiner Strasser, Wiesbaden (Samuel Herzog, Basel), Shu Lea Cheang, London (Hans Dieter Huber, Stuttgart).
Curators: Reinhard Storz and Monica Studer / Christoph v d Berg (Basel), with support by Barbara Basting (Zurich), Hans Rudolf Reust (Bern)
Production: Xcult.org, Museum of Communication Bern and Museum of Fine Arts Bern.

Hosts of the SHRINK interface

Ramshow 1999*
From June to December 99 Xcult launched the project RAMSHOW on the themes of memory, tele-presence and construction of identities. A huge hypertext-opus involving 12 players came out as the result of more than 6 months of work. The participating artists and theoreticians live in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Helsinki, Lucerne, Toronto and Zurich. (Almost) all the persons involved sent in their contributions directly to the server. The project organisation was handled by Monica Studer/Christoph v d Berg and Reinhard Storz.
The particpants developed their respective parts of the project, always in relation to the other contributions, and put up their latest portions every Friday on the Net. Up to the end of 1999, 20 updated versions were realised.
Artists: Davix (Luzern), Birgit Kempker (Basel), k3000 (Zürich), Simon Lamunière (Geneva), Mikka Maasalo (Helsinki), Laurent Schmid (Bern), Markus Schwander (Basel), Felix Stalder (Toronto), Miriam Steinhauser (Zürich), Reinhard Storz (Basel), Marion Strunk (Zürich), Monica Studer / Christoph v d Berg (Basel).
Concept: Reinhard Storz and Monica Studer/Christoph v d Berg.

T o u r 1 1998 - 2001*
Selected small animations by doris traubenzucker | claudia güdel | diolio | esther hunziker | philipp gasser | bozena civic | catherine lutz-walthard | alexandra voegtli | linda neutral. Interface-Design: Martin Grether.

Shopping Mall since 1998*
In 1996/97, the Internet began to find its first foothold in Switzerland. Since then, more and more companies have been putting up their own homepages (cultural institutions followed about 1-2 years later). As a reaction to the increasing commericalisation of the Web, we launched our Shopping Mall in 1998. Several artists have been working independent of each other, on their own product offerings, which realise eCommerce-ideas or reflect ironically. The work of these artists who today enjoy a good name in the Swiss art scene, and who were among the first to integrate Net-production into their work concept, are unified in the Shopping Mall. Xcult became the platform for their early Net-work.
Artists: Relax, LB, Studer/v d Berg, Claudia Güdel, Doris Traubenzucker/@home, k3000, Mirjam Steinhauser/miss, Christian Schoch, Reinhard Storz, tschumi & tschumi.
Interface-Image: Emanuel Tschumi. Conzept: Reinhard Storz.

Schnittstelle Netzhaut (Interface Retina) 1995/96*
This first major group project by artists and writers was spearheaded from November1995 to February 1996 by Reinhard Storz (The Thing.ch, Basel) and Daniel Hauser (relax, Biel) as a mailbox-project. The occasion was the exhibition curated by Martin R. Dean "Speaking Bodies" in the Skulpturhalle Basel. In March 1996, Hauser/Storz realised a web-version of the Interface Netskin on the The Thing.at server.
In 1995 there were still relatively few artisits working on computers and almost none who were comfortable with Net-technologies. Reinhard Storz, who was looking after the Open Forum, therefore provided the necessary help in realising the concepts. The contributions consisted almost exclusively of static images and texts. Of the 2 animations, one was actually received, and there was also a Quicktime-Movie accompanying it, but this does not seem to work any more with current techniques. In the case of the 3 audio-contributions, our computer mostly crashed. The email-discussion forum under the responsibility of Daniel Hauser did not come into existence, mostly because most of the participants still had no e-mail accounts (which worked). To begin with, the project was primarily running through the The Thing.vienna and through locally installed computer stations, and public presentations used to find their audience in the Skulturhalle Basel, at the L@den Basel and in the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.
Artists: Alma, Markus Buser, Marie-Antoinette Chiarenza, Martin R. Dean, Pascale Grau, daniel hauser, Silvia Henke, Lori Hersberger, Simone Kurz, Corina Lempen, Andrea Luginbuehl, Elisabeth Ritschard, Sibylle Roter, Caroline Seiler, Stek AG Zürich, Reinhard Storz, Christoph Storz, Barbara Strebel, Doris Traubenzucker, Tschumi & Tschumi, Hannah Villiger.
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