@ Home wants to activate an ethical question. How to live? How should every single person live in association with other persons; a surrounding which is, today, influenced by virtual realities to a great extent. How to understand and to create an adequate home?

Challenged by this, @ Home has founded a laboratory in order to work on this question. This is where the artists create their living space,@ Home. The reality of @ Home is developed by a constant fusion of questions and answers in connection with the present, as an expression of a dialectal dynamic between the "imagined" and the "realised". We open the eye of the imagination to create and communicate our personal utopic home. Our home becomes our medium, a place where our expression meets the public. We express ourselves at the moment of self-reflection. One could think that we are able to manifest our thoughts holographically.

@ Home is the story of a small group of neo-existentialists, who are looking for the way to the golden era.

@ Home functions as an empiric playground of individualised ideas, stories, wishes, desires and inabilities. Out of this, the reality of @ Home gets materialised in a circular manner. This is where the story begins; in the place where the single person becomes evident in relation to his real abilities, because he understands himself as unfolded. The "love gasoline" is the pulse of @ Home.

@ Home demands personal commitment. The reality of connecting the indivdual souls of beings, as a social basis, is being activated and supported.

@ Home seeks new ways of cooperation between persons, in a social reality alienated from itself, without crushing the essential.

@ Home is a constant working-, dreaming-, spinning-, and loving-place. That is how the quality of the cooperation of several individuals condenses and talks through its form, the furniture, the tools, the objects, the rituals and gestures. The lanscape and the archetypes of the story are thus formed by the constantly changing and manifest reality. The outsider can be a witness and a participant of this transformation and can actively be part of the sculpture-working-process. Every moment is real.

@ Home understands itself as a living, social sculpture, being crystallised out of a reality-creating art concept.

We see ourselves embedded in a context of many different initiatives. This brings about energy worldwide in order to transform the fixed reality into a new plasticity, and therefore to mark a quantum leap into the uncertain.

Character of @ Home

@ Home is a laboratory creating interfaces between the public and ourselves. At first, its hidden nature appears to be mysterious.

According to us, architecture means a basic matrix. Based on that are our physical, psychical and mental energetic interactions and how they develop and connect to the integrated as a whole; the atmosphere of @ Home.

The architectural basis is divided into "yard", "objectives" and "subjectives"; each has its own "functions" and "modules".

The "yard" is comprehensive. It is a space with an open heart. In this place, the integrals of the "homeies", their "friends", "partners" and "visitors" are manifested kaleidoscopicly. This is where the expression of the living sculpture can be experienced. The "yard" oscillates in its function as a "workshop", "conference room", "gym", "playground", "club", "cabinet" and "dream-landscape". In the "yard", architypes of the story of @ Home are initiated and put into a concrete form. This space constitutes our energy converter and central interface towards the public.

The "objectives" are the places to which we allocate our basic needs such as nutrition, hygiene, income, etc. In concrete, this includes an experimental kitchen, installations for physical and mental care, a digital laboratory, a studio for textile design, an institute for psychophysical research, a reception, a source of information as well as a place of storage.

v The "subjectives" are the places which take care of the very personal needs of the "homeies". We understand the "subjecitves" as regeneration-cells.

"Functions" are useful installations and elements. An example would be the heater, the ISDN-connection and the bath tub.

"Modules" are installations and elements in the function of mental- and perceptive-hinges; for example raised-hides, humidifier and soap-bubble machine.

Above all, the "homeies" are the prime movers in this place.

@ Home takes an effort to communicate regularly important facets of its essence to an alert and and interested public. It uses instruments such as mouth-to-mouth communication, publications in newspapers, specific events and performances, the distribution of "Home products", the "Home club", the "Home lounge" as well as a "Home page" on the Internet.

@ Home is financed through "Homework". It is based on services, integrals and productions. The basic matrix is supported by grants, funds and securities. Home products can be offered to patrons as a dividend.