After two trips to Japan, I' m now living for the first time in this country. My research project is limited to 18 months. Except the requirements of the project, I will have to manage the language - and other 'minor' problems of everyday life during this period.
The duration of stay is short, the field of study large; this might lead to a number of predictable problems:

The overwhelmingly huge amount of subjects has to be shortened some time, - finding the good moment to do so and giving the project a clear direction will be the important task of the next few months.

Observer Position
There is a lot of media about 'how the Japanese are'. Somehow I'm going to add one more, even if my main focus is more that of a general function of media.
Furthermore I don't feel fine in the observer position, I prefer more that of a diver, emerging and being exposed to the realities.

It is a common trap to make out of a few observations and some prejudices a theory. I will have to be aware of it trying to make statements only after a thorough study and discussion of the subject - if at all.

Technical Problems
Since I am specialized to the production of pictures I didn't do any programing until now. But I am also curious to learn more about this side of a production. It will be a crucial part of the project to find the right amount of technical solutions in order to present my findings appropriately.

Finding help
Being new in a foreign country means also being without a relation network. Even if internet can cushion the fact to a certain amount, I will be all the same dependent to organize help concerning programing and contents.