Every society builds a framework to organize the behaviour of its members. Sometimes this system is obvious, sometimes well hidden in what is broadly accepted as 'common sense'. In order to work, it has to be communicated in a certain way. so it becomes a form, for example a written request, a visualization, like a traffic light or a gesture - and starts to function as a sign.
This research project examines the signs which appear as pictures, in its broadest sense. It is collecting some of the visual output which act as tools to guide, helping to organize and keep things running in the Japanese society .


Since it would only be half the fun concentrating exclusively on those side of everyday images, the project will also deal with its contrary and inquire into the signs which offer resistance to the established order.


After living in this country for more then six months now and having considered many subjects I am finally decided to inquire in a concrete direction. Examining 'Pictures of Control and Disobedience' is a consistent development of my former observations and seems pretty fitting to my surroundings which can provide me with both in abundance.


Being a picture maker I will express my findings through images, rather than describing them with words. So I am working toward a computer based product where pictorial statements will be presented. Source material from mass media and self shot footage will be collected, revised and processed to small independent movies, which will be accessible and then compiled by an interface.


The interface of an interactive media is the device to have control over its contents. My project will also deal with this fact and deal with interactivity, consumer attitude, guidance vs self-control and already established expectations toward interactive media.