Pictures to Control - Pictures of Disobedience
This site tells about the development of my research project at the Kobe Design University. It is designed mainly to communicate with my research adviser, Ass. Prof. Morishita Akihiko. I decided to do this communication paper as a web page, because this is more fitting to the project and its aims. It also enables me to present constantly the developments or discuss my work to people with interest - and access to internet.
the project - link
Get the overview of the project here!
See the (updated) concept and feel what has been considered and finally dropped since the beginning.
actual state - link
Here is on what I am working at the moment!
This part tells about the development of structure and interface, introduces potential subjects and links to my reference material
situation - link
A few remarks about the problems and the advantages of my situation as a research student in Japan - with only little Japanese language knowledge.
schedule - link
Finally an approximate schedule for the successful further development of the project, the report of the things done and the discussion-list for the next meeting with Morishita-sensei.
Kobe Design University Postgraduate Research Project 1998 July 23 Adviser : Ass. Prof. Morishita Akihiko Student: Jörg Bühler