Kobe Design University
Art School Basel
1998 Aug 18th
1998 Oct 30th
Project Start
This will bring you to the introduction of the project.
Due to Holidays the students in Japan joined the project a little bit later than the Swiss counterpart. Therefore their teacher, Akihiko Morishita, decided to interfere and has given further directions to the main project.
Five Stories... at least!
Go without introduction directly to the beginning of the stories.
egg two
egg one
egg three
egg four
egg five
Not knowing each other, students from the Kobe Design University in Japan and the Art Education Class of Basel are trying to find a way to communicate by using the tools of the internet. Defining the aims and means, as well as finding a way to express the ideas and learning to use the internet as a communication media are the main tasks for the students.

Verbal communication is difficult since German and Japanese are spoken only in the respective places and English knowledges are very scarce.

The project has started with a picture story to be continued in turns by the students and teachers of the two concerning universities. Technically the exchange is based on the use of html-pages to which both sides have access. Therefore all the participants are able to change and replace documents to their needs and non-participants are not able to decode anymore the exact origins of the products.


Joerg Buehler
Teacher of Media Pedagogics, Institute of Pedagogics, Basel
November 1998

Be aware:
Since the project
is picture based
most of the images
and their contents
are used as links!

Happy exploring!