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Sand Storm

A statement by Akihiko Morishita, Kobe, 30/8/1998.

This is the top page of my test Web pages. I have deceided to interfare in the Internet Project between Basel and Kobe as students of Kobe are too slow to make pages.

I like to criticize about WWW when I make my Web pages.

So I am studying HTML, as a type of SGML. And I make use of an editor like SimpleText to scrive HTML. Yes, I start with the very beginning.

Here I show contents of my pages:

1.Bubble's Library: Web as a Subversive Art

2.Surdadaism and its Heritage


4.Site Studies

5. Information

--Students of Kobe Design University

--About Akihiko Morishita

6. A no man's page. There is no link to and from there. The only way to reach to the page is to put URL: http://www.xcult.ch/ateliers/atelier2/lbk/am/nomans/nomans.html.

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Over the Rainbow!