The Holy Jelly

Melbourne 1999
A place of pilgrimage underneath the stage of a Electronic-festival. The glowing jelly releases a jus. Eatable eggs are growing and crystals are sprouting. To worship holy jellies has a long tradition in Hawaii, were they are kept in caves for good luck and visited to get answers about difficult questions.



Some questions asked by Australians devotees and answered by the holy jelly:
1.: Will I be strong enough to do all the things creative and keep changing the way I want to? *** Give up sex and possession.
2.: Jelly, how come you’re so old & youre not smelly jelly? *** Mulching from time to time.
3.: What makes the night? *** Is that all you have to ask?
4.: Am I going to be rich + famous one day? *** Your life will be embeded with roses and thorns.
5.: IS THERE A GOD? *** Did you know you are my uncle.
6.: 13.August 1999? *** You may catch my fire.
7.: Will Sahra elope this year? *** We’ll see in two or three weeks.
8.: Will I ever cease to wash dishes? *** There is a colourfull rainbow and no rubber legs.
9.: Will I be happy? *** Yes, but do it effortless, like the cucumber, hanging from the creeper.
10.: What are the names of your children in sound? *** Grow from 3 to 6 feets.
11.: How high can I run? *** I see liquid.
12.: What will the weather be like tomorrow? *** Don’t be a rubber plant.
13.: Can we save this beautyful planet? *** And you’ll go back killing cockroaches.
14.: Can I love Bob? *** In a bed of flowers it will grow.
15.: Will I overcome my fears? *** Yes, but you haven’t gone home yet.