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xc editor / art director: Reinhard Storz
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project-related cooperations with Monica Studer / Christoph v d Berg and Markus Schwander (since 1998). With Daniel Hauser (1995/96), Barbara Basting, Hans Rudolf Reust and Thomas D. Meier (2002). With Marc Lee (2004/05). With Annette Schindler, Sarah Cook, Gitanjali Dang, Stefan Riekeles, Lansheng Zhang (2008-10) and with this institutions: Museum of Contemporary Art Basel (1998), Museum of Fine Arts Thun (2000), Museum of Communication Bern and Museum of Fine Arts Bern (2001/2002), the Arts Council of Switzerland Pro Helvetia (2004/05/09), HeK - House of Electronic Arts Basel (2016).

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