Xcult is a cultural forum on the Internet focussing mainly on Swiss art production and international participation. We began our first activities on the Net in summer 1995, under the address The Thing.ch. Since then, we have published more than 100 projects and authors.

Xcult is a co-producer of individual and collective art projects on the Net. In our last project 'shrink to fit' artists and authors from Austria, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and USA are participating.
(Information on Xcult-collective projects since 1995)

Some artists work with Xcult directly, from virtual studios of their own. In some other sites, Xcult lends realisation to concepts through programming and design, in consultation with the authors. In these works, sometimes, online video and StreamingSound are used. This means plug-ins like RealVideo, Shockwave and QuickTime 3+ will be needed. Through these attempts we do not mean to lay the emphasis on subscribing to technical snobbery, but seek instead means of using advanced technology for artistic expression.

In addition to the projects and the virtual artist-studios, we are also deeply involved with the textual material. Under Texts, you will find art-essays and discussions on current art shows, authored by about 30 well-known art-historians. The majority of the texts is in German, some are also available in English.

You can get more information about Xcult under Concept.
The English translations for Xcult are done by Kamakshi S.R. from Bangalore, India.

 Reinhard Storz (Editor)   <email: rstorz@xcult.org>